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Chinaventura 溫途

Chinaventura溫途是屬于ventura TRAVEL的品牌(總部:柏林),旨在帶領歐洲旅客認識并愛上中國的風景人物。由于我們是新的品牌,我們極需要志同道合的人加入!無論你現在住在中國哪個城市,只要你對旅游有非一般的熱情,我們都非常歡迎你的加入!

- 能以流利的德語溝通,良好的普通話以及日常英語。
- 對中國文化、歷史以及日常生活有深入的了解
- 對導游工作有熱情,工作有效率及可靠。
- 個性開朗,友好,樂于助人。
- 非常守時。
- 重視我們的游客,視他們為而是朋友。
- 能獨自在高壓環境下彈性的工作。
- 對中國文化及旅游富有熱情。

想在Chinaventura溫途發光發熱的各位,可以發電郵到[email protected]查詢崗位詳情,請以德文填寫你的簡歷及求職意向書。
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類型: 企業 個人
招聘人數:若干人 是否兼職:兼職
工作地點: 性別要求:不限
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發布日期:2019-01-03 19:50:58 有效時間:半年



- 能以流利的德語溝通,良好的普通話以及英語,能說粵語更佳。
- 對中國文化、歷史以及日常生活有深入的了解
- 對導游工作有熱情,工作有效率及可靠。
- 個性開朗,友好,樂于助人。
- 非常守時。
- 重視我們的游客,視他們不僅為客人,而是朋友。
- 能獨自在高壓環境下工作,能彈性工作。
- 除了對中國認識很深,你對中國文化及旅游富有熱情。

- 負責帶領我們的旅客進行我司安排的行程
- 在旅途中,作為旅客的第一聯系人
- 感染我們的旅客愛上中國
- 確保旅客的安全
- 提供清晰的講解
- 確保行程依行程單進行
- 跟我們旅客一同度過一個充滿溫熱與溫情的旅途!


有意向加入Chinaventura 可以在以下連接遞交申請,請以德文填寫你的簡歷及求職意向書。

Who we’re looking for:

- You speak excellent German, good English and Mandarin, Cantonese is a plus.
- Your Chinese knowledge should be adequate to community with local Chinese.
- You have a good knowledge of history, daily life, traditions and actual currents in China.
- You are engaging, reliable and well organized.
- You are characterized by openness, cheerfulness, willingness to help and a positive charisma.
- You take pride in being punctual.
- Our clients are more than just customers to you.
- You work well under stress and create flexible solutions on your own.
- You don’t only have great knowledge of China, but you’re also very passionate about the beauty and depth of Chinese cultures.

These are your responsibilities:

-Be responsible for our organized tours in different parts of China.
-Be the first personal contact for our travelers for any problems during the trip.
-Convey our clients your enthusiasm for this fascinating country.
-Ensure the safety of our travelers and operate a smooth tour
-Provide clear and understandable information about the places visited.
-Ensure the realization of the program booked by our travelers.
-Simply have fun with our travelers as a group!

What do we offer:

- Opportunity to participate in further education for Tour Conductors within the company
- Competitive salary for each tour
- An interesting bonus system based on the client’s’ feedbacks
- Additional earnings for taking over extra mini jobs during the tour
- Possibility to become a travel coordinator for our tour guides

Now it’s up to you….

If you are passionate about what you do and consider yourself a positive, responsible and honest person, come join us and become our friend, not just our teammate.

Does this job sound like something you’d love to do every day? Then we definitely want to hear from you and look forward to receiving your application (CV and cover letter in German) via the link